betadine gargle and mouthwash gargle
Betadine Gargle & Mouthwash 240ml



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Betadine Gargle & Mouthwash 240ml


Benefits of the Betadine Gargle & Mouthwash

  • Kills germs that cause sore throat
  • A 30 Sec gargle kills the germs in your mouth and throat
  • Provides soothing relief of dryness or minor irritation of the mouth and throat
  • Contains an Active ingredient PVPI (Povidone Iodine) 1% w/v

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Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash is made from Povidone – iodine. It is an antiseptic sore throat gargle useful to help kill the bacteria and viruses that are in our mouth and throat in 30 seconds.

It is mint-flavored, well-tolerated, and does not stain the teeth.

In this COVID-19 Pandemic, a laboratory testing research by the Tropical Infectious Diseases Research and Education Center (TIDREC) at the University of Malaya has found that the Betadine Mouthwash is able to play a role in helping us fight Covid by keeping our mouths clean. The participants taking the mouthwash has no novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which causes COVID-19 disease detected when they take the RT-PCR test after a period of time of 4 days. However, a further clinical trial is required with a larger sample size.

How to use the Povidone-Iodine Gargle/Mouth wash:

  1. Pour 15ml of BETADINE Gargle into the cup. You may choose to dilute it in a 1:1 ratio of warm water.
  2. Take a small sip of the solution briefly and roll it around the mouth area. Make sure to touch both sides of the cheeks. Spit it out.
  3. Take the rest of the solution and tilt your head backward to gargle it for 30 seconds. Keep the solution around the throat area, do not swallow.
  4. Spit the solution out once done. Repeat the rinse 2-4 times daily or as directed by your physician, dentist, or pharmacist.

Things to take note about

  • If redness, irritation, swelling or pain persist or increase or infection occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with plenty of water. Do not rub your eyes. Consult your physician if symptoms persist.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store betadine solution in original container only.


  1. Are there any side effects of Betadine gargle?
    Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction include wheezing; difficulty breathing; dizziness; chest tightness; hives; and swelling of the lips, face, tongue, or throat. If these symptoms occur, call 999 immediately regardless of the suspected cause.
  2. Is it bad to swallow the gargle?
    Yes, Povidone-Iodine Products are good as antiseptic, but it is not meant for ingestion. If you have accidentally swallowed a small amount of Betadine during gargling, but you did not receive any symptoms of an allergic reaction, you should be fine but to take caution the next time.If you have ingested a large amount, there is a risk for iodine toxicity, which can lead to kidney failure, changes in electrolyte concentrations, or other organ failures. Please call 999 or head to the nearest clinic with your Betadine bottle to seek medical attention.
  3. Is Betadine good for sore throats?
    Yes, the Povidone-Iodine solution is meant as an antiseptic to help kill bacteria and viruses in the mouth and throat.
  4. Can we do Betadine gargle after meal?
    Yes, but do it about 30 minutes after your meal, not directly after.
  5. Are Betadine mouthwashes really effective against Covid 19?
    There’s no concrete evidence found that proves the mouthwash is very effective. However, a promising clinical trial did suggest that people who have taken the solution do not have the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 after day 4 of using the mouthwash.

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